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What is Safety Leadership?

It is a management style that puts people first and their health and safety into the DNA of the business. It is built on four key pillars which are:

What do safety Leaders do?

They make health and safety performance PERSONAL. They visibly demonstrate commitment and are excellent role models. They insist on hearing the good, the bad and the ugly (in terms of what is going on in the business) and they clearly outline the level of Safety Excellence they want. By doing that they enable businesses to thrive.

Where will Safety Leadership come from?

It can come from the Board, it can come from the Senior Management team (and it should) but it can also come from the person who sweeps the floor or from the newly appointed Line Manager who wants to protect her shift. It can come from anywhere and everywhere but it has to be nurtured.

What do Safety leaders look like?

They need to be down to earth and genuine and they need to treat employees as human beings not just units of production. Employers generally need to get back to the basics which are:

What does Safety Leadership look like in action?

The CEO becomes Chief Safety Officer and health and safety is mainstreamed into every decision that is made within the business. There is a budget to make it happen. All Managers and Team Leaders accept ownership and walk the talk.
Ultimately, the company develops a positive safety culture that is built on respect, mutual trust, consultation and participation and they focus on success not failure. It is all about doing not just talking.

What are the benefits of Safety Leadership


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