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Offices of the future – after Covid 19

Courtesy of BBC Programme – The Bottom Line – 9th July 2020

They will have wider corridors/no dead ends and circular corridors.

There will be larger meeting rooms.

Office will be open plan with physical distancing.

More cleaning will be taking place daily.

Employees may be asked to bring own mouse and keyboard from home and back again.

If employees walk or cycle – there will be more showers, lockers, storage for bicycles and clothes etc.

Working from Home issues

Some employees will work from home but others will go to a half-way house or co-working hub close to home which will still allow for the separation of work from home but with less of a commute.

Research has shown that working from home can be more productive but may not be as good for career progression/promotion.

Promotion needs interaction so going into the workplace is still valuable.

Networking gives nuggets, makes you more visible, leading to better reviews leading to a better job.

Men working from home get interrupted less than women whose day tends to extend.