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Welcome to my new website which I feel looks great.  I wish to acknoweldge the help and assistance of Media Helm who designed and put the website together for me and Waterford LEO for their assistance.

The photography was beautifully done by Kirsty O’Keeffe  (www.kirstyokeeffephotography.com)  and the venues for the photos were kindly made available by Clem Jacob Hire  (www.clemhire.com) and workLAB (www.worklab.ie).  I wish to thank Stephen at Clem Jacob Hire and Alicia and Kelly at workLAB for their professionalism and courtesy.

This is about the fourth major update of my website and reflects the wide range of professional services we now provide.

I would be delighted to hear your feedback on it.


Darlington Consulting is in business to enable companies and organisations achieve health and safety excellence.

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