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Are you ready to re-open?

Back in early 2020 none of us knew anything about Covid – 19 and now it is a major factor in all of our lives.  Some businesses may be closed currently and others may be open. When you open I know that you want to protect the health of both your employees and your customers.

Your employees are your most important asset. Protecting them, training them and equipping them with all the right knowledge and skills is crucial now as you prepare for the economy fully opening up. Equally you want to prepare your premises to do business safely.

Have you considered if you need to review your Covid 19 Response Plan or to give training to your management team and employees?

Responsibility for health and safety at work rests with you, the employer whether your employees are on your site or are working from home.  That responsibility includes checking the safety and ergonomics of their working space, desk, computer, chair etc. within a Display Screen Equipment Assessment as if they were in your office.  Safety in this context includes psychological safety and wellbeing as well as physical safety.

Have you written a Remote working Policy to cover this and more?  Do you need to update your existing Safety Statement to reflect Covid 19 issues?

If you are struggling with any aspect of this then I can help by providing a clear, practical roadmap through it all. Do not hesitate to contact me for a preliminary chat if I can help.