Friends would describe me as a typical self-employed workaholic, who is very driven, determined and focused on results. I believe these are good qualities to have unless they take over your life.

Unexpected Death

We all think we are invincible until something happens to shatter that illusion. I got a bad shock recently when I heard of the very sudden, unexpected death of a friend of mine. She was not a close friend, she was the lady who cut my hair that I had been attending for many years but she was a friend nonetheless. She was lively and chatty and knew exactly how I wanted my hair cut and had me in and out (with a wash, cut and blow day) in 40 minutes or less which was great as I was always in a hurry to go somewhere else.

I only attended her every 6 weeks or so whereas she had other clients who went to her for their weekly shampoo and set etc. When I rang about two weeks ago to get an appointment I got no reply and assumed that she was on holiday. When I called a week later her Husband answered and I barely know the man. He told me she had had a heart attack 7 weeks earlier and had died and was buried weeks ago. I never knew. It shocked me and upset me and I am still not over it.

New Car

I changed my car recently and several days after I got the new car I was with Martina for my usual haircut (this was to be my last but I did not know that). I talked about the car and she came out to where I had parked it, sat in it and admired it and wished me many happy miles of driving etc. Her Husband confirmed that she died of a heart attack the following day. Some days later I took myself off to a park and sat on a bench and thought about her and our last happy meeting.

Appreciate Small Things

So live life to the full today as you only have this very moment. Work can wait, deadlines can be negotiated and this life is the only one you are going to get. Her sudden premature death has shocked me into a new perspective on life which is to live it fully, to love completely and unconditionally and to appreciate the small things – like the birds singing in my garden, the flowering of shrubs I recently planted, a re-union of old friends this coming week-end and hot toast and pineapple jam for breakfast (which is my favourite).

So call up that friend you have been meaning to have a chat with, call your Mother if you are lucky enough to still have her and nurture your friends and family. Life is too short to be killing yourself.